Media training

I specialise in working with small groups in press offices, PR agencies and voluntary organisations, explaining how communications teams and other staff can deliver what health journalists really want. I am registered with the Media Trust.

My clients have included:

  • Macmillan Cancer Care
  • Tiger White PR
  • Pegasus PR
  • Solgar
  • Pfizer

I tailor all my media training work to the individual client.

Among the training modules I offer are:

Knowing the market: how to analyse the market so
you know the kind of approach and angle required by different publications and can target individual journalists appropriately

Approaching and dealing with journalists: how to provide journalists with the stories they want in the way they like - from first approach onwards

Thinking like a journalist: the 'insider' details that give your story the best chance of getting into print

How to write a press release - and how not to.
Writing a release that stands out from the crowd

Interview techniques - for clients, case studies and staff.
How to talk on and off the record and how to deliver the quotable quote

How to get your brand into print.
Why some brands are always in the news and others rarely seem to make it

please contact me if you would like me to put together a media training package for you.